Digitize manufacturing in 8 weeks

Digitize your manufacturing for more efficiency. Increase the productivity of your factory through accelerated and transparent processes with focus on the essential control levers for improvement.

How to master the challenges in manufacturing

Today, manufacturing companies are under enormous pressure to improve efficiency. Paper-based Lean Management however is time-consuming and inefficient. Time has to be spent collecting data from various IT systems instead of solving problems on the factory floor.

Sonic Technology provides you Digital Lean Management without any Excel spreadsheets and Whiteboards. We analyze your Lean Management processes, digitalize them in a lean software that can be used intuitively by operators, supervisors and the management,

Features of the Manufacturing Management Software

All key indicators for day-to-day management

Live states and flexible layout overviews

Valid data directly from the factory floor

Downtime recording with PDCA problem solving methods

Management dashboards und scorecards width integrated measures

Flexible shift and order planning

Intuitive interfaces for operators

Option: Integrated MES solution (manufacturing execution system)


20 +

Generated Smart Factories

2200 +

Integrated machines and work centers

5100 +

Daily active users

Integrate the software in your company

Machine & process data
Operations Management
0100 1011
Manual processes
Operator assistance
Dashboards & Analytics
Tracing & Workflows
Planning & sequencing

Your way to Smart Manfacturing - simple and fast

Digitizing your factory floor doesn't have to be an energy-sapping megaproject that paralyzes the entire factory. We take a step-by-step approach, focusing on the essentials and creating measurable results quickly.

The process takes place in 3 steps:

  1. In a 2-day workshop, we define your processes and structures. We determine your individual functions.
  2. We start directly in a pilot area with the software implementation, gain experience, and improve the software with the user feedback.
  3. After about 6 weeks, we can roll out the software to the entire organization.

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