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Consulting Partnership

Combine your proven consultancy services with intuitive Shopfloor or Performance Management WebApps.

Create a unique selling proposition (USP) for both existing and new customers.

Scale up your project results on the shopfloor.

Current partners

Germany | high mix, low volume machine engineering

South-East-Asia | chemistry, mining

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of projects are suitable?

The new approach is suitable for companies with existing Shopfloor or Performance Management as well as for organizations with ambitions to introduce such a system. The goal in general is to increase efficiency on the shopfloor.

How do we work together?

Every Shopfloor or Performance Management introduction or improvement requires on-site support and coaching, which is done by our consulting partners. Sonic provides a license-free software module during a 12-week pilot phase to boost the improvements generated by the new activities. Both partners strive for an organization-wide rollout after the successful pilot period.

How does a typical project look like?

The project typically starts with a 12 week period in one or more pilot areas. First measurable results are usually reached after 4-6 weeks. Our customers have experienced efficiency increases by 10% p.a. resulting in multi-million EUR savings in the first year. The successful pilot project is subsequently followed by the organization-wide rollout.

What to expect from SONIC?

We provide our standardized approaches and documentation to digitally introduce (and to improve) Shopfloor or Performance Management. We offer training courses for your consultants to impart all necessary skills needed for a smooth introduction on-site. No software licensing fees are charged during the pilot period.

What does SONIC expect from its partners?

Our expectation is that consultants are experienced in Shopfloor or Performance Management and open minded for digitally supported SFM. Furthermore, a professional project execution is required.

What industries can benefit from SONIC tools?

There is virtually no limitation. Organizations from industries such as automotive, medical, household appliances, machine engineering or passenger transportation already had great success with our tools.

Does SONIC have references and in which industries?

Please see our website. Further references are available upon request.

Is there any financial contribution required by the consulting partner?

No financial contribution or investment is needed.

Do SONIC's different partners compete with each other?

SONIC is not interested in competition among its consulting partners. Typically we are working with a single partner in each region. Additional partners in one area might only be considered if focus is on different industries.

Does SONIC compete with consulting firms?

SONIC’s interest is to provide software tools and strives to continuously improve them further.


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