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In many cases, improvement projects relating to the topics of production management or maintenance management face a major challenge: the implementation of the improvement ideas requires adjustments to the IT landscape. Apparently minor adjustments can quickly develop into lengthy IT projects. Of necessity, temporary solutions then have to be created with Excel files or paper sheets. We at Sonic Technology have therefore developed a fundamentally different approach. We determine the necessary IT requirements based on defined target processes. We then create an intuitive app to ensure the sustainable use of the new processes.

Founders and Management

Lukas Weber, M.Sc.


Efficiency in day-to-day business is our top priority! Our process-based approach allows us to implement it quickly with a high improvement effect.

Lukas Weber is an expert in efficient management of production and maintenance. The industrial engineer has worked in various companies as production and maintenance engineer and was able to gather valuable know-how in the efficient organization of day-to-day business on the shop floor.

Dipl.-Ing. Marc Walter


Flexibility and IT systems do not have to be a contradiction! Our framework offers our engineers the flexibility they need to implement customer-specific requirements at reasonable costs.

After studying mechanical engineering, Marc Walter worked as an expert in lean management at DAIMLER and FESTO, among others. During his career he devoted himself to the programming of interactive interfaces for training facilities and networked learning systems. This forms the perfect prerequisite for our simple and clear WebApps.

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