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Our individual apps help to digitalize processes in your company. Production efficiency will greatly increase, while eliminating endless IT projects.

We now ideally combine shift handover and lean management!

Uwe Kreckel, Plant Manager ICE-Plant Frankfurt

Master the pressure to improve

Today, manufacturing companies are under enormous pressure to improve efficiency. However, managers are limited in their actions due to inadequate and inflexible IT systems. Nobody should be dealing with error-prone workarounds from Excel spreadsheets and handouts. We offer digital solutions with which you can measurably increase efficiency.



Connect your production and create a digitally supported basis for your day-to-day operations.

Lean Management

Digitalize your Lean Management for more transparency and efficiency.


Record and improve your technical availabilities and always keep an overview.

Free White Paper

Six steps to smart production floor management and a smart factory.

Manufacturing companies need arguments in order to counter the increasing pressure to improve their factories and to help reduce costs. A plant delivers the best products through continuous efficiency increases. The most common approach to becoming more efficient is daily production floor management: managing the organization directly at the point of value creation. New technical possibilities of digitization scale the effects of production floor management immensely. The doubling of efficiency increases rates, more transparency and shorter response times are also typical effects. This white paper therefore shows which steps must be taken to introduce smart production floor management which is also the basis for a smart factory and the introduction of effective MES solutions.

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